To the unknown heart

The human heart has more to it than one might think. I’ve found that it has many recesses, hidden doors, passageways, false rooms, winding stairs, motives, reasons, movements, deliberations and strong rooms. I think that’s why Jeremiah said, “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” I have heard … More To the unknown heart

What is normal?

I’ve been catching up on some old Star Trek movies lately. I’m happy to report that I’ve now seen all of them. It’s shocking, actually, seeing that I would have called myself a fan. In any case, I had a good time, and there are some very interesting lines in there. Wrath of Khan is … More What is normal?

A legion of moral ambiguities and misconceptions

I just watched the movie Legion last night, starring various regulars such as Dennis Quaid, Tyrese Gibson and Charles S. Dutton. Interesting to say the least. And what I found most intriguing about it was its commentary on God. What is God like, and who would be best placed to answer such a question? I suppose those … More A legion of moral ambiguities and misconceptions